REP. John Lewis

We are saddened by the news of your death. You are one of the greatest on the fight for our freedoms & rights. Our condolences to your family & friends. Your legacy will live on. RIP Sir!


Dear Spanish Government this is happening in Lepe (Huelva) People are burning the temporary shelters of inmigrant workers who are working very hard to earn a living. Yet their shelters are been burnt down. This is the 3rd time in a row that this is happening. We are calling on the Spanish authorities to act now. NEWS LINK Buenos días: […]

Europe developed

🔴 🇪🇺 Ma vie citoyenne: Europe is a developed and implemented under the platform broadcast of La diaspora Chuchote.The show has 3 objectives:1) Inform diaspora/POC on how the EU institutions work so they can engage more and feel that they have a role in the development of the EU internally and externally2) Provide the opportunity to Diaspora/POC to directly […]

Discussion – Police Brutality & Structural Racism with recommendations

Watch our conversation today with ENAR on tackling Police Brutality in an intersectional approach in Europe with recommendations on structural racism We are live now: 3rd episode in the series: What Does #BackLivesMatters Means in #Europe? Share Now: Twitter live: Live:

European Report on #Islamophobia available

The Muslim Association for Human Rights has published the Islamophobia report on social media. This report, which covers 32 countries, highlights the structural Islamophobic trend throughout the continent and shows us that, once again, anti-Muslim racism kills. LINK OF THE ORGANIZATION Facebook Instagram Twitter

Statement on the Human Rights Council Urgent Debate Resolution

Una resolución de la UNO después del debate urgente sobre lo que está pasando con nosotros tanto en USA como en La UE impulsado por los 54 países africanos. Condenando la vulneración de los derechos. Pero hay una comisión muy importante de investigación de futuro abusos que se quitaron en esta resolución última hora ayer una vergüenza.. por presión del […]