Dear Spanish Government this is happening in Lepe (Huelva) People are burning the temporary shelters of inmigrant workers who are working very hard to earn a living. Yet their shelters are been burnt down. This is the 3rd time in a row that this is happening. We are calling on the Spanish authorities to act now. NEWS LINK Buenos días: […]

ENWAD in the 8 March demonstration

At ENWAD we want to make visible the struggling women of African descent, migrants, racialized women, and those collectives or individuals who have always felt invisible. WE WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT WITH OUR PERSONALITY AND DIFFERENCE. Participation of ENWAD in the decolonial and antiracist demonstration with the network @migrantas8m. LET’S RAISE OUR VOICES, TODAY AND FOREVER. #blackhistorymonth #womeninternationalday #8marzo #8march […]