About Us

On the far left is Vicente Casas our volunteer expert in Education 


Vicente is graduate of Law at the University of Barcelona. He brings 16 years of experience in as a secondary school & skills training Teacher with wealth of experience in schools segregation.  He is bilingual in Catalan & Spanish.  He also speaks French & English.


In the middle is Aissata Diallo- Coordinator


She brings 10 years of experience from the hotel industry. She has been  volunteering with ENWAD in various projects on social inclusion of PAD and Muslim communities for 2 years.  Aissata is trilingual in French, Spanish & Fulah.  She also speaks: Mandinga.

Shaban Jah – Co-founder & Project Leader She is a human right activist.  A BBA graduate and PMD postgraduate from the University of New Port & the ESADE Business & Law School.  She brings 17 years of work experience & she is an ex United Nations employee She works as an academic collaborator in Global Governance & International Development at ESADE Business & Law. Shaban is trilingual in English, Creole & Spanish.  She also speaks: Catalan, French, Temne & Fulah.

Miguel Angel Marrero – Co-founder &  Secretary. Miguel is a Law graduate from the University of Barcelona.  He brings 15 years of work experience as a civil servant in the ministry of justice.  He also has over 5 years of experience volunteering as a legal adviser & board member in non-profit organizations. Miguel is bilingual in Spanish & Catalan. He also speaks English.

Kadidiatou Diallo – Field Coordinator

She also brings 10 years of experience working as a waiter. She likes advocating for equality and human rights of PAD.  Kadidiatou speaks French, Spanish,Wolof, Fulah & Mandinga


We are a  network  of women of african descent. We work to combat racism, racial discrimination, Intersectionality and gender equality.  We advocate for  protection of the  rights of  migrants families and young People.

We empower them through education.  Furthermore, we work  to promote social inclusion, support respect for diversity and create awareness on the different cultures of women of african descent; tackle the social and economic challenges facing these women.  

In Europe, there is widespread racial profiling & discrimination against  women of african descent. Their basic human rights are being violated on a daily basis, they are used as sex slaves, they are discriminated upon in the workplace because of the color of their skin, they  have limited access to education, employment, medical care &  decent Jobs.   They are in risk of social exclusion.

The vast majority of these women live below the average income compared to their counterparts in their respective countries in Europe. This forum was created to discuss and tackle inequalities and other issues affecting women & children of African descent.