European Network of Women of African Descent


  • End Structural Racism & all forms of decriministration against ethnic & religious minorities.

  • Promote the elimination of FGM.

  • Empower women & promote gender equality.

  • Support poor migrants families. 

  • Advocate, support, promote and encourage respect for diversity.  The Protection and fulfilment of all human rights of all people.

  • Provide training, Educate & provide access to basic social services.

  • Create awareness, educate and sensitized societies on the culture, customs and heritage of PAD.

We introduce ourselves


Our vision is for a Europe that embraces equal opportunity for all its citizens & Residents. To see a Europe where all citizens & residents are treated equally regardless of their origin, gender, or beliefs. -Eliminate female genital mutilation.


Respect: The recognition and acceptance of one another. Respect allows society to live in harmony. 

– Solidarity: Voluntarism and the transformation of society.
– Transparency: We communicate and report proactively with the different interest groups that have participated in some way in the organization and society in general about what is done, how it is been done.


Concentration Black Lives Matter

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Europe developed

🔴 🇪🇺 Ma vie citoyenne: Europe is a developed and implemented under the platform broadcast of La diaspora Chuchote.The show has 3 objectives:1) Inform diaspora/POC on how the EU institutions work so they can engage more and feel that they have a role in the development of the EU internally and externally2) Provide the opportunity to Diaspora/POC to directly…


With the Support of the following Institutions: