III Congress of foundations to combat negrophobia

III Congress of foundations to combat negrophobia

Last November 30th, I had the opportunity to attend the third edition of “Assises de lutte contre la négrophobie” (“Fundamentals of fight against black phobia”) that the collective “Les Rosas” (“The Roses”) carries out to unite the afrodescendant activist community of France. The event took place at the Palais des Congrès et Expositions in Marseille, better known as Marseille Chanot. It consisted of promoting African entrepreneurs and empowering the afro-descendant community through cosmetic stands, clothing, footwear, costume, jewellery and accessories at the entrance; and holding various awareness workshops.

The topics addressed were:

– Sexual or gender-based violence

– Forced Marriage

– Female Genital Mutilation

– Danger in migrations by sea

– Modern slavery

– Black misogyny (misogyny against a black woman, usually represented as


– Pan-Africanism

– Afro-descendant and African-American Literature

– Afro feminism

– Black activism

– Postcolonial Africa

– African Matriarchy

– Discrimination and racism treating the black race as inferior

– Impact of the black community on the white community (the struggle of integration of Afro-descendants into social system) These are quite a few and mostly unknown in the Spanish afro-descendant community. For this reason, I wanted to express that it has been a beneficial event to know the common points of struggle between the different communities of afro-descendants in Europe. This will allow us to continue progressing and to be able to live with the European and African identity without conflicts.

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