Presentation of Our Paper to GEPAD

Presentation of Our Paper to GEPAD

United Nations Working Group of Experts for People of African Descent Report on the human right situation of PAD in Spain


The working group remains concerned about the human right situation of people of african descent in Spain.

There exit a major gaps between law and practice in protecting people of African descent from racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, afrophobia and related intolerance.

deeply ingrained in the official discourse was the believe that there racial discrimination was mostly experienced by non Spanish migrants & refugees of African descent & that there was no structural & institutional racial discrimination civil society reported that people quote/unquote that the black spanish citizens of african descent were “invisible” and the laws did not offer protection from the everyday racism they faced.

-The working group is concerned by the general lack of knowledge of the protection mesures available for people of african descent.

-Civil society also informed about the difficulties in reporting incidents of discrimination owing to mistrust & fear of the law enforcement authorities.

-The working group recognizes the effort made by Spain of in relation to the migrant crisis & rescue operation at sea that has saved numerous lives. In particular it welcomes the efforts of the new administration in rescuing more than 600 migrants & refugees aboard the aquarius in Valencia in 17th June, 2018.

-However the working group is concerned with the continuing collective explosions & pushback at the borders of Spain in Ceuta & Melilla and the different approach to asylum between the main land & Ceuta & Melilla – which undermines the international protection of people of african descent.

-The working group is also seriously concerned about the plight of migrant workers

who live in appalling conditions in Spain particularly in Almeria.

-People of African Descent in Spain often face inequalities and multiple forms of discrimination on the grounds of their race, color, gender, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. Domestic workers who are predominantly women of african descent are quote/unquote “invisible”and subjected to long hours of work with no safeguards against abused.

-The working group is also concerned about the trafficking of migrant women to Spain and the rest of Europe.

-The working group urges to government to comply with the recommendations made by the office of the national ombus person including those relating to combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

-The working group urges the government to put an end to all forms of collective explosions and pushback of asylum seekers & migrants.

-The Spanish authorities must respect the right of no.. and the right of access to identification procedures.

-The working group encourages the government to support the implementation of the international decade for people of african descent and the implementation of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development within Spain in partnership with civil society.

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